Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be embarrassing. Fortunately, we can help you manage it. We can stimulate regrowth using all-natural processes.

We feel your pain. These cutting edge technologies help.

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Microneedling with PRP or essential oils


The method of using microneedling and PRP/essential oils insures the delivery of the chosen therapy directly into the hair follicles. This stimulates
a repair response that encourages natural hair growth.

These are just some of the things we treat

Our "whole health" approach to healing is designed to help you leverage your body's natural healing properties to help heal:

Chemo-induced loss

Thyroid conditions


...and more!

Hormone-related thinning

Male pattern baldness


Hormone-related baldness



Medical Director & CEO

Dr. Ted Wulfekuhler, MD (aka "Dr. Ted")

Dr. Ted graduated from Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans then received post-doctorate training at Michigan State University in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology. At the University of Chicago, he trained in Primary Orthopedic Medicine. He has practiced in the Greater Lansing area for over 30 years and is presently Medical Director and CEO of Harmony Restorative Services.


Here's what patients have to say about Dr. Ted & PRP

I had sciatic pain for years. Dr. Ted injected my sciatic region with PRP one time and the pain was gone. I can’t thank Dr. Ted enough for restoring my mobility.

- FD

Dr. Ted is amazing and very honest with what to expect and what to do to keep your bones and muscles moving. Thank you to Dr. Ted and his friendly staff.

- RD

I had 2 injections of PRP and was able to sleep better at night without the constant aching. I applaud you Dr, Ted and Harmony Restorative Services!

- HS

I would recommend Harmony Restorative Services to anyone with arthritis or any other muscle, joint, bone, tendon pain. PRP is the wave of the future!

- WK

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Dr. Ted is leading the way with PRP treatments in Lansing, Michigan. His treatments are helping scores of patients feel better, have more freedom of movement, and an enhanced quality of life! Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.