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Reviews & Testimonials

The work Dr. Ted does changes lives. Here are what some of our patients have had to say.

Pain was gone!

I had sciatic pain for years. Dr. Ted injected my sciatic region with PRP one time and the pain was gone. I can’t thank Dr. Ted enough for restoring my mobility. Thank you Harmony Restorative Services for improving the quality of lives in the Lansing community!
- FD

Amazing & Honest!

My left hip bothered for me to the point I couldn’t walk without a limp. I sought out Dr. Ted for his PRP expertise. After the first injection in my hip, the pain was decreased. After the second injection of PRP, my mobility improved. After the third injection, I was able to walk up and down stairs. Dr. Ted is amazing and very honest with what to expect and what to do to keep your bones and muscles moving. Thank you to Dr. Ted and his friendly staff. I will recommend you to friends and family!
- RD

I Applaud You!

I had decreased range of motion of my right shoulder to the point I was considering surgery. I had an evaluation by Dr. Ted and he told me I would need a shoulder replacement but he could decrease the amount of pain and swelling using PRP to make life bearable while awaiting a surgery date. He was RIGHT! I had 2 injections of PRP and was able to sleep better at night without the constant aching. I could put my shirt on without help. Now Dr. Ted is microneedling my surgical scars to decrease the fibrous tissue to keep my mobility at its greatest. I applaud you Dr, Ted and Harmony Restorative Services!
- HS

Restored my Confidence!

My acne scars were embarrassing on my face and back. I saw Dr. Ted and he offered microneedling with PRP to rejuvenate new skin grow and decrease the visible scars. I have had 2 treatments and my face is clear and my back has made significant improvement. He also offered LED light therapy for my face and back. It is very relaxing and I feel great and rejuvenated after the treatment. The lights are not hot so I just turn on my tunes and relax. Thanks Dr. Ted for getting my self confidence back regarding my outward appearance!
- HL

I Recommend for Arthritis Pain!

My knees bothered me with arthritis and it was getting harder to walk on the beach. Dr. Ted injected PRP into one knee before my trip to Florida and PRP into both knees when I returned to Michigan. Thanks to Dr. Ted, I was able to enjoy the Florida sun and be able to move around when I came back to Michigan. The office staff is friendly, the office is immaculate (and very well decorated!). I would recommend Harmony Restorative Services to anyone with arthritis or any other muscle, joint, bone, tendon pain. PRP is the wave of the future!
- WK

Go See Dr. Ted!

My job involves repetitive motion every day for multiple hours. I developed severe pain in my wrist and hand to the point it was affecting my job performance during the day and sleeping ability at night. I went to Harmony Restorative Services and had a very thorough evaluation by Dr. Ted. I decided to go ahead with the PRP injections. After the first injections, I had some improvement but after the second injections, my wrist and hand are greatly improved. I’m still working full time with occasional twinges but not the pain day and night. If you have a pain that is affecting your life, go see Dr. Ted and the staff at Harmony Restorative Services. You will be amazed at the results!
- GF

Rejuvenated by PRP!

I noticed my face and neck were showing the tell tale signs of aging. I’m still in the work force and do not want to appear older than my actual age. I had heard about PRP and its rejuvenating factors so I called Harmony Restorative Services. I met Dr. Ted for an evaluation and he explained 2 different methods of microneedling are available for wrinkle reduction. I decided to try both the PRP and the Lavender oil on my face and neck. We tried the PRP on the right side and the Lavender oil on the left side. I went back in 2 weeks and decided the PRP had better results on my face and the Lavender oil had better results on my neck. During my third visit, I had only PRP on face and neck. I am so happy with my overall appearance. Even my boyfriend tells me I look younger. Thanks Dr. Ted for giving me my youthful look back again!
- PK

Dr. Ted is Amazing!

I had shoulder pain and decreased range of motion for a long time. I was evaluated at Harmony Restorative Services and had an extensive history and physical performed by Dr. Ted. We decided to implement the PRP injections and physical therapy plan of action. After 3 PRP treatments, I was making great strides in my range of motion and pain was greatly decreased. We even used a little PRP with microneedling on my knee scar to increase the bend in the skin after my knee replacement. After one treatment, the visible results of the scar reduction were remarkable. You need to check out Harmony Restorative Services. Dr. Ted is amazing!
- DT

Avoided Botox!

I am a very active senior citizen and I don’t like wrinkles. My family was against me having plastic surgery or Botox injections due to my age. After hearing about PRP and its wrinkle decreasing properties because it builds new collagen, I made an appointment at Harmony Restorative Services. I originally wanted just the smoker’s lines around my mouth and my forehead done. After those 2 areas were completed with microneedling and PRP, I asked Dr. Ted to continue and do the rest of my face. I felt so rejuvenated when I was done. The procedure was not painful at all, a little tingling at worst. I bought some face cream containin SPF that HRS has bottled for them so I knew the ingredients were good and would continue to promote skin moisture and healing. My girlfriends were jealous of my more youthful look, thanks to Dr. Ted !
- VJ

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